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The first... and only... mobile advertising
in Findlay.

We put your message in front of over 16,000 vehicles a day, plus riders and pedestrians! Plus, we’ll rotate your ad on the home page of our website, and post it on Facebook.

Rotating Digital Ads

Our extraordinarily bright, 49" high-definition monitors put your message in front of Findlay’s downtown. Ads rotate every 60 seconds, and the number of advertisers is limited to provide maximum exposure.
Short- and long-term contracts are available. Contact us for details.

Stationary Ad Spots

Want another option? Stationary boards offer an exclusive space for your message. These displays are 24" x 36" inside a black frame.
Short- and long-term contracts are available. Contact us for details.

Sponsorships and Cart Takeovers

Take over a Flag City Cart Co. shuttle for a shift! You provide a driver and keep the tips for your organization’s fundraiser. Displays will highlight your organization and promote large tips for your cause! Drivers must qualify. See the Drive page for details.


Put your message directly in front of guests at the most popular events in Hancock County.
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Halloween Parade
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Think it over. There are lots of options!
Minimum contract is one day; special rate packages are available for weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts.
Questions? Contact us for details!
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How to get started...

Requirements. All advertising must be submitted for approval at least one week in advance, must meet technical requirements (below) and the legal and regulatory requirements of the City of Findlay.
Design services. If you don’t have your own art department, we can work with you to produce either a static display ad or a digital display ad.
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Technical Requirements

Digital Ads.
Ads are Full HD, portrait orientation (9x16 ratio).
Canvas size (image size when exported): 1080x1920 px.
Safe area: 1012x1800 px.
Ads must be JPG or PNG
To maximize visibility, consider a minimum type size of 72 points.
High contrast is best. If using a background photo, make sure the text stands out.
Keep it simple! Point viewers to your web site for details.
Static Ads.
Static Ads are the same portrait orientation as Digital Ads.
We will work with local vendors to print your ads to our specifications.
Final paper trim size is 24" x 36". Allow 2" margin for bleed.
Submitting your Ads. Email your completed artwork to us at flagcitycarts@gmail.com.
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